The software development kit (SDK) is a powerful tool that allows you to develop your own functionality, tools and other extensions of the Nextis information system. It even allows you to replace existing tools with your own. 

With the developer kit, you can give your imagination a free passage and expand your information system to an unprecedented scale and precisely tailored to your specific requirements, but without the need to develop a dedicated solution on your own.

At the same time, the developer kit creates space for completely exclusive modules and tools that you and your competitor will always have.

You can use the developer suite to:

  • Create custom information system extensions (custom modules and tools)
  • Call all native methods of the entire information system framework (access to the entire system core)
  • Access all information system controls and forms (customize appearance, add custom bookmarks, and more)
  • Overload (replace) original forms and tools with your own
  • Capture and invoke local system events (within instance)
  • Capture and fire global system events (across the entire network of users)
  • Access the database in a standardized way (including debugging, logging, etc.)
  • Access the complete set of controls used within the information system
  • Access to read and set all information system configuration parameters

Developer Kit Terms of Use

Providing SDK interfaces is usually completely free of charge for clients, except for possible training and consultation, or some specific cases.

Prerequisites for using the developer kit

Your company should have the necessary technical resources and developers with advanced knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and the .NET development environment (C # / VB) 2015.

Developer kit availability in different product versions

The developer kit is only available for the following products:

  • ERP Nextis – Enterprise
  • ERP Nextis – WebEdition in combination with Nextis E-commerce

At this time, the developer suite is not available for other product versions.

Detailed information about the API and its documentation is confidential and therefore only available to our existing clients with the appropriate product versions.

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