WMS – Warehouse management system

The key part of an information system for effective and reliable warehouse managing
Among customers of our company, you can find those, who have a warehouse for instance 100m2 only, or also those, who have 25000m2 of storing space in one place. Whole WMS system is adapted especially for trading with car parts and greatly manage even specific processes such as for example immediate re-expedition from rebuys and many more useful functions.
System of warehouse administration is assembled of two basic parts, when the first is directly integrated from the information system and services for configuration, tracking and inspection of warehouse processes and the second are adjusted from warehouse terminals, by which are physically done warehouse operations.
A brief list of WMS system functions
  • Optimization of the way through the warehouse
  • Definistion of the flow diagram for order picking
  • Definition of warehouse map (position system)

  • Structuring of positions due to delivery priority
  • Zone delivery
  • Zone control
  • Immediate re-expedition from rebuy
  • Performing dynamic inventory
  • Support of dynamic supply stocking
  • Optimization of the releasing departure process (in waves, on request, immediately)
  • Mapping of the way through the warehouse
  • Support of structuring of big warehouses to sectors with automatic expedition dividing
  • Support for more positional systems (simple, complex, dynamic)
  • Overview of all related operations in the scope of informational system interface
  • Detailed information about departure straight at every article from customer order
  • Tools for service of position system
A brief list of warehouse terminal functions

1. Elemental position act

  • Intake on position
  • Dispensing out of position
  • Move between positions
  • Goods in positon
  • Goods position

2. Intake

  • Checking of article from a supplier
  • The positioning of an article
  • Checking of article from transfers
  • The positioning of an article from transfers

3. Dispensing

  • Zone-batch-wave picking
  • Order picking due to dispatching list
  • Repackaging
  • Loading

4. Inventorying

  • Inventorying
  • Partial inventorying
Supported platforms of warehouse terminals

1. MS Windows CE (Honeywell)
2. Google Android (Zebra)

Because evolution for warehouse terminals can not be easily generalized, there are supported only exquisite devices. If you have an interest in more informations, do not hesitate with contacting us..

Useful informations

The warehouse administration system is supplied only as part of an informational system (Nextis.ERP)

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