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Route planning and optimization.
Nextis logistics solution is definitely one of the “hi-tech” modules within the information system and is a tool for standardized logistics solutions. Available as a Nextis information system module, the module offers fully automated route planning including route optimization, delivery time prediction, customer prioritization, real-time delivery tracking, and many other features. It is worth mentioning, for example, the ability to plan routes with a large number of stopovers thanks to the implementation of the generic algorithm “Ant Colony”.
Who is the Logistic for?
  • large businesses to simplify distribution
  • small businesses to improve established logistics practices
  • to all who are looking for the ideal trip planning
  • to all who want to save mileage
  • Businesses that want to simplify the work of distributors
Nextis.Logistic.Desktop – Logistics within the information system
The desktop client allows logistics operators to manually or automate route planning. However, it can naturally operate in fully automatic mode and be directly connected to other automated processes such as shipping or invoicing.

Features at a glance:

  • Google Maps Asset Integration
  • Range prediction
  • Taking into account the traffic situation
  • Dynamically modify your driving schedule
  • By implementing the generic “Ant colony” algorithm, it calculates the optimal route within seconds
  • Configurable settings for route planning based on selected document types
  • Open scheduling algorithm allows you to add other kinds of parameterization (road profitability suggestion, vehicle load,…)
  • Ability to create driving templates and models
  • Temporary and permanent customer prioritization
  • Parameterisation of vehicle planning and setting (time of departure, toll-off, time / distance planning, etc.)
  • Possibility to track individual actions of the distributor
  • Checklist with detailed handover report

Nextis.Logistic.Mobile – Application for mobile devices

The mobile app offers drivers quick and easy access to relevant driving information. It always contains the entire distribution structure, from the list of trips scheduled for the day, through customers and documents, to the goods handed over. Equally important feature of the mobile application is the support of substitutability of drivers. The simplicity and ease with which it is possible to send someone else’s or brand new goods when needed is one of the most appreciated features of the mobile logistics module.

Features at a glance:

  • Using Google Maps to navigate to individual customers, including current traffic conditions, also offers alternative routes
  • Confirmation of documents and goods submitted
  • Loading paid cash amount directly into the information system
The combination of both logistics modules brings comprehensive distribution management from your warehouse to the customer’s hands. At the same time, it moves goods delivery services to a whole new level of quality and comfort and presents your company as a technology leader on a professional level.
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