About Us

Just a few lines about us, our philosophy, history, current and future mission.

Our company was established to create specialized solutions for spare part wholesalers. From our early beginnings, we had realized, that it will be a long run to get there. Eventually, it took us almost ten years to develop the first commercial version of our product.

Through everyday contact and experience with our customers, we had a real day-to-day opportunity to improve our products and learn from our customers. This enabled us to become the leading company that provides software solutions to car-part dealers and wholesalers.

Our company today

Today we may confidently claim that our company provides state-of-the-art software solutions to spare-part businesses. We may also claim that our company has become a synonym for safety and trustworthiness in the market.

Because of our work in a very specialized area of expertise, we are offering an unmatched level of knowledge and services within Europe. Today, Nextis system is not just a software product. It is a whole ecosystem inter-connecting suppliers, customers, systems and services. This ecosystem allows doing the business in the automotive aftermarket in a way that was considered science-fiction a few years back.

Our customer

To us, our customer always comes first. We do not spare any effort to reach this goal. However, we tend to attract potential customers who take their business seriously. We measure our success through the success of our customers after they start actively using our products. For this kind of customers, we always go far and beyond in our effort to satisfy their needs.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy entails that the job has to be enjoyable for our employees. And we do enjoy it. This way we ensure that the development of our products improves constantly and that our employees give their best to execute the product improvement in a faster, more reliable and more user-friendly manner. By following this philosophy we have become a real leader in the market.

In 100 of our customers are 10, who increased their turnover twice during last year.

In 100 of our customers are 45, who increased their turnover more than 40 percent during last year.

In 100 of our customers are 80, who increased their turnover more than 10 percent during last year.

Our commitment

Based on our market position – thanks to our products and platforms – the turnover of our clients is currently reaching over 1.2 bilion EUR. This has been achieved through our commitment and sense of responsibility. We always keep absolute neutrality towards our business partners, as well as paying great attention to the current trends in the market. Rather than considering a possible income, we always bare in mind the different possible consequences that could influence the current state of the market. Although we provide our services to highly competing clients, throughout these years we managed to gain their trust and confidence.

Future objectives

Regardless of cost and resources, we highly invest into research and develpment for our upcomming projects. In the near future, we aim at interconnecting the entire supply-chain of the market (including garages, spare-part suppliers, regional and national distributors and international distributors) from the car owner to the manufacturer. This will allow our customer to concentrate on real business matters rather than solving daily commonplace tasks such as, product management, monitoring contemporary trends on the market, etc. Our new projects include a wide range of products. For instance, an information system for garages, mobile applications for car owners, advanced telematic system and complex statistical information package. 

Our team

With the same responsibility as towards our customers, we approach our employees. Fluctuation among our people is close to zero. We are used to treating all members of our team as close friends. Sure, with well divided and organized responsibility. We greatly appreciate our employees, because of whom we can bring constant improvement, innovation and reliability. This is also related to the criteria, according to, we are finding and hiring our new colleagues. It is not about education or expertise, the colour of skin, sex or country of origin. It is primarily about their attitude towards their work and their life and their effort to do the best as much as they can.

If you already are or you would like to be our client or a partner, we would assure you that it is a good choice. Thanking you for the time, you have spent by reading the lines above and through it, you have a much better overview who we are, what we do and where we are heading to.

Dalibor Zavadil
CEO, Nextis

Covered countries

General information about our presence in the World and available language versions of our products.

Countries we are directly operating from
  • Česká Republika
  • Slovensko
  • Polsko
  • Rakousko
  • Maďarsko
  • Slovinsko
  • Bulharsko
Země, kde má naše společnost zákazníky, kterým produkty sama dodává.
Countries, where we are with our customers
  • Belgie
  • Bosna
  • Bulharsko
  • Černá
  • Dánsko
  • Estonsko
  • Finsko
  • Francie
  • Chorvatsko
  • Irsko
  • Island
  • Itálie
  • Kazachstán
  • Litva
  • Lotyšsko
  • Lucembursko
  • Moldavsko
  • Německo
  • Nizozemsko
  • Norsko
  • Portugalsko
  • Rakousko
  • Rumunsko
  • Rusko
  • Řecko
  • Srbsko
  • Španělsko
  • Turecko
  • Ukrajina
  • Arménie
  • Gruzie
  • Kypr

Země, kde obchodují naši zákazníci prostřednictvím našich produktů.
Available languages
E-commerce platform v.8
  • Česky
  • Slovensky
  • Polsky
  • Anglicky
  • Německy
  • Holandsky
  • Maďarsky
  • Rusky
  • Estonsky
  • Litevsky
  • Lotyšsky
  • Arabsky
  • Italsky
  • Francousky
  • Portugalsky
  • Rumunsky
  • Španělsky
  • Turecky
E-commerce platform v.9
  • Česky
  • Slovensky
  • Polsky
  • Anglicky
  • Německy
  • Maďarsky
  • Rusky
  • Bulharsky
  • Slovinsky
  • Francousky

Nextis ERP (information system)
  • Česky
  • Slovensky
  • Polsky
  • Anglicky
  • Německy
  • Maďarsky
  • Bulharsky
  • Slovinsky

Nextis in figures

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