Nextis prODUCTS

ERP information system

The complex information system, from the early beginning, developed and intended for the spare-part trading. It contains all you can need and involves countless of specialized functions. For instance, advanced warehousemanagement, warehouse optimization tools, direct TecDOC integration, hi-tech logistics module, VOIP-PBX integration and many others.

WMS – Warehouse management

The key part of an information system for effective and reliable warehouse managing. Whole WMS system is adapted especially for trading with car parts and greatly manage even specific processes such as for example immediate re-expedition from rebuys and many more useful functions.

LMS – Logistic

Nextis logistics solution is definitely one of the “hi-tech” modules within the information system and is a tool for standardized logistics solutions. Available as a Nextis information system module, the module offers fully automated route planning including route optimization, delivery time prediction, customer prioritization, real-time delivery tracking, and many other features.

Mobile logistic

Nextis.Logistic.Mobile is an expansion of Nextis.Logistic module, which offers fully automatized track planning including their optimizations. Mobile app offers drivers fast and simple access to relevant informations about ride. Always includes whole distribution structure, from list of rides planned on stated day, from customers and documents to passed stuff.

Mobile CRM

Ideal for sales representatives, branch managers and company management. It offers a quick view of important data to customers and to the entire company, all via the mobile app.


B2B+B2C e-commerce platform (eshop)

The best way to take your online spare-part business to the next level. Natively includes TecDOCTecRMILaximo (VIN search) and many other well known databases. Using our API it is also possible to connect the platform to third party products. It also natively supports B2B and B2C operational modes. The platform is responsive and, without doubt, the most sophisticated solution that you can get in the European market.

B2C Marketing Premium

This product is an extension of the B2B-B2C platform for online sales and is specifficaly aimed at selling to end customers (Business-To-Customer).It also includes a variety of tools and is constantly being developed and updated, to match tle latest trends in content presentation on search engines, comparators, and different trading platforms.


garage management

If you operace small or medium garage, then this program MECHANIC is the right solution for you. The mechanic is a really simple and intuitive program, which allows you a comfortable and precise agenda leading od your service.


IOS – supplier data management

Service that allows you to hand over the supplier’s data management to our specialized department.


data provider

TecAlliance is a European market leader in the distribution of databases in electronic form for the identification of individual spare parts for cars and trucks.

API – application interface

Application interface (API) is a tool that gives you the freedom to choose Nextis products and their possible combination with products you already use, are satisfied with, and do not intend to replace them with another solution.

SDK – software developers kit

The software development kit (SDK) is a powerful tool that allows you to develop your own functionality, tools and other extensions of the Nextis information system. It even allows you to replace existing tools with your own.

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