B2B-B2C platform (eshop)

If you sell or plan to sell spare parts over the Internet, this is the solution for you. Full integration of well known databases such as TecDOC, TecRMI, Laximo (VIN) and others is a matter of course. You can also use the API to link the platform to third-party systems. The platform is designed for both B2B and B2C operations, is responsive and is undoubtedly the most comprehensive e-commerce solution available within the European market.

Mode of operation

The entire platform has over 1.5 thousand possible settings and a wealth of different features. There is no point in describing each of them. Here is at least a general overview. Of course, we will be happy to provide you with more information in a personal presentation.

The platform (eshop) can also be run independently or linked to your existing stock or sales program.

What the platform offers

The platform offers the most features in combination with the Nextis ERP system, but this combination is not a prerequisite. Using tools such as application interfaces (APIs), the platform can also be linked to other information systems. Interconnection can be made on our side or, if you have the necessary technical means, you can make such interconnection yourself.



Extensive possibilities of design and structural adjustments according to your wishes


Support for different content, including graphics for different languages


Custom template definitions for some pages


Ability to influence almost all dynamic content within platform administration


Creating your own main menu structure with catalogs


Integrated content management system (CMS)


Running multiple platforms with different designs over one central system


Different ways to view results


Custom module definitions for the start page


Search for parts using the navigation tree

Well-arranged search history

Custom skins and order confirmation texts using XSLT

Creating custom universal parts trees (for selling non-vehicle products)

Create custom navigation trees (and different trees for different customers)

Web service (SOAP WebService) for interconnecting third-party systems

Straight basket filling

Integration of TecRMI service data directly into the platform for convenient tracing of detailed vehicle service information (manuals, special tools, procedures, repair times, wiring diagrams and more)

License plate manager (customer’s garage)
Multi-language data supportive
Integration of payment gate

Search for parts by number (original numbers, order numbers, replacement numbers, etc.)

Possibility of custom changes of all texts on the eshop

Multi basket option

Product comparator

Search using your own full-text engine, developed specifically for car parts

VIN Search (Factory Catalog Integration with Complete Parts Catalog)

Instant orders (quick order in two clicks)

Direct import to cart from file (several formats)

Support for custom cross-references

SEO & tools


Responsive design

Address redirection
Creating a blog within the e-shop
Address canonization
PPC (Google, Sklik …)
Search engine optimization
Tools (GA, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Webmaster tools Seznam, Bing, Yandex …)
Support for feeds (zbozi.cz, Google, Heureka, Facebook, Ceneo…)
OE number synchronization

A special product page focusing on the B2C eshop mode discusses this topic in detail

Good to know

Due to its focus on the auto parts business, the platform handles very specific situations such as selling the same goods from many different suppliers, automatically charging surcharges for returnable parts (refurbished parts), partially sending carts, assigning cart items to vehicles (customer garage ) and the subsequent breakdown by such assignment and many similar useful features developed based on our customers’ many years of experience.
Last but not least, each e-shop (platform) is fully compatible with the vast (and increasingly growing) Nextis ecosystem. This means that if you have customers or suppliers who already use our solutions, connecting with you is literally a breeze. At the same time, the platform is fully compatible with the product Nextis.Mechanic, which is designed for the management of small and medium-sized services.
Our product team will take care of delivery of all the fresh data from your suppliers, their mutual comparison, preparation and uploading to your system. Nextis.IOS.


The platform is fully compliant with the rules of the European GDPR (Global data protection regulation) and has been tested by many of our customers.

As we mentioned in the introduction to this article, you wouldn’t find a more comprehensive, sophisticated and proven platform for online spare parts sales than Nextis.

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