Application interface

 Application interface (API) is a tool that gives you the freedom to choose Nextis products and their possible combination with products you already use, are satisfied with, and do not intend to replace them with another solution. 

Technically, the application interface is a tool that allows us to connect and develop our products with third-party software products. For example, it enables to interconnect our e-commerce platform with another warehouse and information system, or to interconnect the Nextis information system with another manufacturer’s e-commerce solution, or to connect other products you use for different purposes directly with Nextis products.

Currently we provide two basic types of API interfaces.


is primarily intended for database-level data exchange and allows direct writing and reading within the system database. This interface is especially useful for exchanging large amounts of data and at higher polling or writing rates.


is a web service connection (SOAP) and is primarily intended for online electronic document exchange (orders, delivery notes, documents and more), or for example, online verification of availability and price of products.

Terms of using API

Providing APIs is usually completely free of charge for clients, with the exception of any training and consultation or some specific cases.

Application interface availability in different product versions

The application interface may not be available for all Nextis products and may also depend on the version of the product being used.

To a limited extent, it is available for products

  • ERP Nextis – Evoin
  • ERP Nextis – Lite
  • ERP Nextis – Web edition combinated with
    Nextis E-commerce
  • E-commerce – B2B/B2C

It is fully available for products

  • ERP Nextis – Enterprise
Prerequisites for using the application interface
Your company should have the necessary technical resources and developers with advanced knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server 2017 technologies and / or developers with knowledge and practical experience in implementing SOAP web services.

Detailed information about the API and its documentation is confidential and therefore only available to our existing clients with the appropriate product versions.

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